The Complete Marketing Course for Translators

Complete Marketing Course for Translators

What is it?

A step-by-step marketing course for busy freelance translators that you can adjust to your career situation. Two different tracks: beginner, experienced. Two different general target markets: agencies, direct clients, resulting in a marketing plan to find and contact your ideal clients and create a thriving freelance business. For any language combination and location.



After completing the course you’ll have a strategy for your translation business and know how to market your translation services to your ideal clients, based on your market position. You’ll know what to focus on right now in your business, how to best market to your ideal clients, how to set and negotiate your prices, how to deal with feast and famine cycles, how to manage your time, and ultimately how to create a thriving business that makes you love working, with projects and clients that you enjoy, while balancing business with the rest of your life.

Why this course?

This course is based on requests from the readers of the “Marketing Cookbook for Translators” to take “recipes” further, create accountability and get a concrete plan to follow for each individual sítuation. I have taken my freelance translation business from zero (when I launched it with small children at home) to a six figure business. I want to share my marketing skills and experience as a freelancer with other translators to help them achieve the same success. 

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  • 10 practical steps to define and market your translation services according to your position in the translation market and achieve long term, sustainable success
  • Tools to change your mindset, empower you and simplify the marketing process
  • Step-by-step instructions and practical exercises
  • Accountability (peer support, weekly check-ins)
  • Personal Q&A and feedback after completing the 10 lessons
  • 5 Continuing Education Points from American Translators Association



  1. A solid business foundation for future success

  2. Creating a vision and SMART goals for your business

  3. Choosing your marketing tools

  4. Strategies for finding and contacting your ideal clients

  5. Pricing strategies

  6. Keeping your clients happy for long term success

  7. Conquering feast and famine cycles

  8. Productivity and work-life balance

Marketing Plan Template


  • 10 lessons in video format with downloadable audio and PDF-version of presentation

  • 10 checklists

  • 10 worksheets

  • Individual Q&A session at the end

PRICE $349.99

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee
I want you to be 100% happy with The Complete Marketing Course for Freelancers. If you after you have completed all 10 lessons, plus the private Q&A session, are not happy with the label-1289350_1280results, you can email me within 30 days and I will issue a refund.


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